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IW Council Tells Everyone That iWight Website Did Well. But Did It?

It’s with more than a little surprise that VentnorBlog received a press release from the Isle of Wight council a couple of days ago saying how well their iWight Website did during the ups and down of the snow disruption.

The common reaction we had heard was the exact opposite – that when people wanted to know what was going on with school or road closures, the iWight site couldn’t cope, and they were met with blank pages, rather than the information they needed to see. (more…)


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Normally Have A Tuesday Rubbish Collection? Wait Another Week

Yesterday Island Waste were saying that all collections would be one day late this week, meaning Monday’s rubbish got collected yesterday and Tuesday’s collection would have been taking place today.

We now hear that from today onwards, rubbish will be collected on its normal day. This means that all households who normally gets their rubbish collected on a Tuesday and have put their rubbish out on the street, will have to try and stuff the several bags of rubbish back into their bins for yet another week. By the time it does get collected, it will be three weeks of rubbish. (more…)

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An email sent to all council staff on Tuesday evening – as snow was falling on the Island – in which the council stated, “If anyone is unable to get into work due to bad weather, this time must be taken as annual leave or flexi time.”

Seemingly at odds is the council advice to Islanders not to make journeys unless absolutely necessary, while their still-standing advice to council staff is that they will have to knock days off their own holiday allowance if they can’t make it to work. (more…)

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Christmas and the New Year holidays may well be a distant memory, but that doesn’t mean that rubbish collection is back to normal yet.

If you (like many others) made the mistake of putting your rubbish out on Monday or yesterday expecting it to be collected then you might want to read on. (more…)

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We read in the County Press that Ventnor town councillor Doug Nettleton has resigned as a councillor from Ventnor Town Council after five months in the position.

He’s quoted as saying “I resigned because I’ve simply had enough.” Doug came back to the council, representing the people of St Lawrence, in this year’s election. (more…)

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Anyone who has driven through Shanklin recently will be aware of the work taking place to create a new public square.

The public space will be officially opened next Friday morning at 10am with the event organised to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Lord Palmerston becoming Prime Minister. (more…)

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Turbines Refused

Iin front of a packed hall, public representations were heard from supporters and objectors to the planning application to site three wind turbines on Cheverton Down.

This was no ordinary planning meeting held at County Hall. Due to the massive interest from the public this was held at Carisbrooke High School, a venue able to take up to 440 people. In a change to the usual format of planning meetings, many more than usual were allowed to express their opinions, but after the lengthy consideration by the Isle of Wight Planning Committee, the vote resulted in (more…)

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Any of you living in a ward represented by these people?

Please do everything you can to remind the electorate of the dangers of block voting

Ivan Bulwer Binstead / Fishbourne

Richard Hollis Parkhurst

Susan Jane Scoccia Ventnor West

Allowance To Triple

David G. Williams Shanklin Central

John Vere Hobart Carisbrooke

Jerry White Lake

David Pugh Needs to go aswell!

We need informed independents, not idiots reading from a pre-determined script so they can sing in unison. Expose them and the damage they’ve done to our school system and our eco island image (the one thing that could resurrect the Island economy long term).

Get them out and watch how this island progresses/regenerates

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