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Snow puts our Isle of Wight in the red

The cost of keeping the Island moving through the heaviest snowfall in 30 years is likely to reach £200,000. Around £175,000 has already been spent on gritting alone by the Isle of Wight Council, which has come under fire for the state of pavements.

The council said it was too early to put a figure on the overall economic impact of the snow and ice. As the big freeze became the big thaw this week, shops too were assessing the impact of lost trade. The IW Chamber of Commerce, Tourism and Industry said many showed resilience by staying open and working round the clock to fulfil orders. (more…)


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Cllr Susan Scoccia Council Allowance Set To Triple

There’s a full council meeting at the Isle of Wight Council tonight. One of the subjects under discussion is the Special Responsibility Allowances (SRA) that are paid to county councillors if they chair some of the committees.

The SRA is paid on top of the Basic Allowance of £7,903 that all councillors receive. If the vote goes in favour of the proposal Ventnor’s own fragrant member for the Ventnor West, Cllr Susan Scoccia, will be a few quid better off. Bundles of it in fact. She is currently the chair of the Licensing and General Purposes Committee. It’s proposed that her yearly allowance rocket from £1,977 per year to £6,322. An eye-watering multiple of over 316%! (more…)

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An email sent to all council staff on Tuesday evening – as snow was falling on the Island – in which the council stated, “If anyone is unable to get into work due to bad weather, this time must be taken as annual leave or flexi time.”

Seemingly at odds is the council advice to Islanders not to make journeys unless absolutely necessary, while their still-standing advice to council staff is that they will have to knock days off their own holiday allowance if they can’t make it to work. (more…)

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A classic Isle of Wight council cock-up.  The cost, both to the council tax payer and the environment, of installing this composting facility that is so ludicrously small it is pointless and unusable in a park of several acres, is a clear demonstration of how wasteful and out of touch they are.

This is ill conceived, probably the result of an overindulgent business lunch at the council tax payers expense, it isn’t fit for purpose and even if it was given where it is situated any residue would flow straight down the hill. It has been put here for the purpose of appearing to be acting in an environmentally friendly fashion and to impress the old boys network that awards Green Flags to public parks.

Note the token grass clippings that have been put in it,no doubt following orders from the top, to make it appear as if in use….. THEN LOOK AT THE REAL DUMPING GROUND!

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We read in the County Press that Ventnor town councillor Doug Nettleton has resigned as a councillor from Ventnor Town Council after five months in the position.

He’s quoted as saying “I resigned because I’ve simply had enough.” Doug came back to the council, representing the people of St Lawrence, in this year’s election. (more…)

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Andy Sutton Resigns As Leader of IW Council: David Pugh Takes Over

We see the leader story that Andy Sutton, Leader of the Council has resigned! Have a guess at the reason for Andy Sutton’s departure?, might it have something to do with the Planning Department?

According to IW Radio, Mr Sutton was concerned over how a planning application in Shanklin had been handled. He has made a request that the chairman of IOW Council’s Standard Committee investigate the planning application. If that wasn’t surprising enough, 26 27 year old David Pugh has officially become the new leader. (more…)

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Any of you living in a ward represented by these people?

Please do everything you can to remind the electorate of the dangers of block voting

Ivan Bulwer Binstead / Fishbourne

Richard Hollis Parkhurst

Susan Jane Scoccia Ventnor West

Allowance To Triple

David G. Williams Shanklin Central

John Vere Hobart Carisbrooke

Jerry White Lake

David Pugh Needs to go aswell!

We need informed independents, not idiots reading from a pre-determined script so they can sing in unison. Expose them and the damage they’ve done to our school system and our eco island image (the one thing that could resurrect the Island economy long term).

Get them out and watch how this island progresses/regenerates

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