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Last Council Leader Was Pushed Out – Shocking

They say that it emerged the previous leader of the Isle of Wight council, Andy Sutton, was forced to quit, rather than step down as the council said at the time.

It was this action that enabled the fresh-faced Cllr Pugh to take the position as The Leader of Isle of Wight Council. This all links to a number of councillors who were referred to the Standards Board over the passing of a planning application by Cllr Anne Bishop back in September 2007. (more…)

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David Pugh’s Isle of Wight Council  rejects the motion to sign up to the 10:10 agreement, a motion put forward by Cllr Geoff Lumley.

This action is particularly surprising given the way back in December 2007, the IW Council started labelling the Island, ‘Eco Island’ – which it would be reasonable to assume came with some kind of commitment to trying to achieve an Eco Island. (more…)

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Very interesting article concerning our Council Leader David Pugh. Thought we would share it with you, as it gives an insight into why we should not trust David about his vision of the ‘Isle of Wight’ becoming an Eco Island .

Daily Mirror, 11/9/03, p.20 – The Tory party’s youth wing is in crisis after allegations of vote rigging led to chaos at its conference. Eight candidates for top posts resigned as outraged rivals called each other “cheating bastards” on stage. A BBC documentary crew was asked to leave the floor in a bid to stop news of Sunday’s row getting out… (more…)

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Take a look at this video from the Islae of Wight Insider.

He was approached by the Inside Out programme to be interviewed regarding his videos but he turned them down as he wish to remain anonymous due to fears of reprisals by the authorities on the island. Hence he made his own response.

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David Pugh has written to Cllr Vanessa Churchman insisting that she steps down as Chair of the council’s Scrutiny Committee, citing the recent Adjudication panel hearings.

We understand that Cllr Pugh has insisted that she resign the position by tomorrow morning and that if she doesn’t he will take it to the full council in the evening. (more…)

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Andy Sutton Resigns As Leader of IW Council: David Pugh Takes Over

We see the leader story that Andy Sutton, Leader of the Council has resigned! Have a guess at the reason for Andy Sutton’s departure?, might it have something to do with the Planning Department?

According to IW Radio, Mr Sutton was concerned over how a planning application in Shanklin had been handled. He has made a request that the chairman of IOW Council’s Standard Committee investigate the planning application. If that wasn’t surprising enough, 26 27 year old David Pugh has officially become the new leader. (more…)

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Any of you living in a ward represented by these people?

Please do everything you can to remind the electorate of the dangers of block voting

Ivan Bulwer Binstead / Fishbourne

Richard Hollis Parkhurst

Susan Jane Scoccia Ventnor West

Allowance To Triple

David G. Williams Shanklin Central

John Vere Hobart Carisbrooke

Jerry White Lake

David Pugh Needs to go aswell!

We need informed independents, not idiots reading from a pre-determined script so they can sing in unison. Expose them and the damage they’ve done to our school system and our eco island image (the one thing that could resurrect the Island economy long term).

Get them out and watch how this island progresses/regenerates

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