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Exposing the dangers concerning Appley Park, Ryde, where the council run a pitch and putt course endangering residents and visitors alike in a public park that was bequeathed to the people of Ryde for their use as a recreational area which is out of the question during the summer months is too dangerous due to complete novices hitting golf balls about at will with the blessing of the council.

The video is concerning the perimeter path running around the pitch & putt coarse and although it is outside the area of the warning notices it is regardless very dangerous due to flying golf balls, this partly due to the poor design of the course (the path runs behind the first green and closely parallel to the fifth hole) but mainly to the unsuitability of using a public park to house a golf course where there is no prerequisite for the participants to have ever played golf.

The council appear to consider they have renounced their responsibility for public safety in this area by merely installing signs stating “CAUTION GOLF IS PLAYED IN THIS AREA” and by displaying a statement that they are not liable for any injury caused.

FOI Request dated 22nd October 2009 We found this on What do they know

Dear Sir or Madam,

The council run the public park at Appley, Ryde as a pay to play golf course. I would like to request how many complaints the council have received during the last three years from people who considered they have been endangered due to the playing of golf in this public park. Please include all complaints however received ie Letter, email, telephone, reported to your attendant etc.

Also please supply a breakdown of the amount of complaints on a year to year basis.Also could you identify any complaints where the complainant has been endangered by people playing golf in this area outside of the hours that the course is open for business. Could you also please include any reports of peoples vehicles being hit by golf balls whilst in the public car park at Appley park. Please also supply details of any compensation that has been paid by the council for personal injury or damage to property due to the practice of golf being played in this public park.

Yours faithfully, Mr. Figg

Reply from Isle of Wight Council Dated November 2009

Dear Mr Figg

Thank you for your formal request for information concerning Appley pitch and putt course. I have checked our records and found one complaint received during the three year period you have requested for the issue you have raised. I have checked with colleagues within the council and no reports have been received about damage to vehicles parked in Appley car parking caused by golf balls. I can further confirm that the council has not received any claims for compensation for either personal injury or damage to property arising from usage of the pitch and putt course.

Helen Vrba | Personal Assistant | Cultural and Leisure Services | Isle of Wight Council

As part of our commitment to Eco Island, please don’t print unless necessary < NICE FOOTER NOTE


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  • 1. Dan  |  January 15, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    Who really gives a monkeys about this? If your car gets dented by a golf ball, then claim compensation from the council’s insurers. Likewise if you get an injury. Though, you’ve got to be a bit of a muppet to make a song and dance about being hit by a golf ball.

    Honestly, people say they don’t get value for their council tax – well, with prats like this about taking up council staff time on pointless FOI request, it’s no wonder!

    • 2. wightliving  |  January 16, 2010 at 10:21 am

      I think your missing the point Dan. This is about a so-called green flag area which it is clearly not. We all have a right to the information, that’s the whole reason it FOI was setup.

      Just out of interest…

      Are you the Senior Operational Support Officer for the isle of wight council Environmental Health Licencing team? or just using his name?


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